Hi there! I'm Carolyn, a freelance material and textile designer based in Stuttgart. 
I'm always looking for inspiration in nature for sustainable material ideas. My experimental and multidisciplinary approach on material research is based on the concept of circulare economy and a sustainable design tool named Cradle 2 Cradle. This tool gives designers the understanding of material streams and streams of goods to make a concious desicions on material usage and a products life cycle.This is especially important in the fashion and textile industry, which i'm mainly focused on due to my profession as a textile designer.
You are more than welcome to contact me about any further questions about my algae bioplastic (algae experiment II) and my work as a material designer.
For more informations about the project "an ocean full of opportunities" and how the algae bioplastic is produced just click on the instagram button below - this will lead you directly to my IG profile
2020 - material designer and textile designer at Carolyn Raff Studio
2019 - founding the art collective BrehmerRaff
2018- 2019 - Lecturer in the Department of Architecture at the Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts and Design
2017- 2019 - Fellowship holder at the Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts and Design
2011- 2017 - Studies at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart; diploma degree
2015- 2016 - Exchange semester at the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School for Architecture, Design and Conservation
2010- 2011 - preparatory course for Art and Design studies at the Kolping Art School, Stuttgart, Germany
2010 - Graduation

Praktika/ internships
2015 - Anne Sofie Madsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 - STEINROHNER, Berlin, Germany - mainly working on the collection „Edition Lava“
2011 - Herman Pichler GmbH, producer for interior textiles, Laichingen, Germany
2010 - Peter Hahn GmbH, Winterbach //  Peter Hahn GmbH, Winterbach, Germany
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