a collaboration with Von Tauben & Spatzen
The conceptual fashion project applies circular design strategies within an adaptable outfit. It translates the necessity for circular and healthy design by highlighting a material coming from the sea: Algae-based sequins telling the story of the oceans. 
The outfit is made up of two layers and a total of three garments – the base layer is made for longevity in a minimalistic, timeless design and high quality manufacture. After the first use cycle we foresee a re-dye and repair service with natural dyes to update the pieces and enable a second use phase. After the garments are no longer wanted or mendable they will become resources for new fibers through recycling. 
The second, embellished layer is fully biodegradable. Bio-based and biodegradable sequins made from algae are applied onto a translucent linen-silk blended fabric. The base outfit can be easily dressed up using this second layer, adapting to the users needs. We offer a re-embellishment service to repair and react to changing colour trends. At the end of use it can safely return to the biosphere and become new soil.
photo credits: Natalie Brehmer model: Selma Waibel

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